To insure the highest quality of service and your utmost satisfaction, your home or office will always be cleaned by the same team. Our expert European housecleaning couples bring their own equipment and supplies. Upon request, we use clients’ own special cleaning products. We are sensitive to your health and allergy concerns, or avoidance of toxic chemicals. We always honor your product preferences.



Special occasion

Move out/in


Window Washing

Carpet Cleaning

Other Services

Laundry, Ironing, Organizing (garage, closets), Pick up & Drop off Dry Cleaning, Party Helpers.

Tasks Specification
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Touch of Klass Services Every Visit Rotating Tasks
General dusting X
Cobwebs removed X
Vanity and sinks cleaned and disinfected X
Toilet, showers, and tubs cleaned and disinfected X
Shower doors and tracks cleaned and disinfected X
Mildew chemically treated X
Mineral deposits removed chemically where possible X
Baseboards cleaned X
Floors cleaned and disinfected X
Mirrors and chrome cleaned shined X
Tile and scrubbed X
Doors and frames spot-cleaned X
Cabinet fronts wiped down


Touch of Klass Services Every Visit Rotating Tasks
General cleaning of all horizontal surfaces: countertops, furniture X
Cobwebs removed X
Range hood exterior cleaning X
Range exterior and top cleaned X
Exterior of all other appliances cleaned X
Microwave interior cleaned X
Sink cleaned and disinfected X
All chrome cleaned and shined X
Top of refrigerator cleaned
Baseboards cleaned
All furniture and cabinets oiled
Tile grout scrubbed X
Ceiling fans dusted X

All other rooms

Touch of Klass Services Every Visit Rotating Tasks
General dusting X
Cobwebs removed X
Picture frames feather dusted X
Windows sills and ledges dusted X
Louvered doors feather dusted X
Intricate items feather dusted X
All furniture wiped with furniture polish X
All accessible carpet areas vacuumed (light furniture and objects moved) X
Wood floors vacuumed and cleaned with waterless mop

Doors and frames spot-cleaned
Blinds dusted with feather/lamb’s wool duster X
Lampshades dusted X
Baseboards and areas between baseboards and cabinets dusted X
Ceiling fan dusted X

Extra Task Cleaning
(additional charges apply)

Touch of Klass Services Every Visit Rotating Tasks
Inside of refrigerator X
Inside of oven X
Polishing silver and copper X
Washing baseboards, doors and frames, shutters and blinds, cabinets, walls, vents X
Washing windows and screens, track and frames X
Laundry and ironing X
Plant watering X
Shopping, organizing clothes and/or pantries X
Carpet cleaning X

Our main goal is Your satisfaction,
and the excellent care, safety, and security
of your property and possession.

About us

We offer Residential House Cleaning Services and Office Cleaning Services.

What do we do?

We offer Residential House Cleaning Services and Office Cleaning Services. Touch of Klass also works with real estate agents and property managers in preparing houses and apartments for sales and/or occupancy. Our main goal is Your satisfaction, and the excellent care, safety, and security of your property and possession.

Our team

Our staff is thoroughly trained in safe and effective cleaning techniques. 
We teach our crews to use the appropriate products on your custom built surfaces. 
All our employees are bonded and insured. We check all references and verify employment.



How do I get started?

The first thing we will do is visit your home to discuss your individual cleaning needs, and to give you a free estimate. We will provide you with a comprehensive list of our wide range of services, so that you may choose what you’d like us to do for you.

Why should I hire a professional cleaning service?

Hiring a professional cleaning service is actually an incredible economical idea. We are able to get done twice as much cleaning in half the time , which means it would take you four times as long to clean your house as it takes us. With our competitive rates, we are saving your time and money.

How do I know I can trust the people you send to my home?

Our employees are all given top-notch training to meet our demanding standards, and we regularly conduct quality inspection checks. Trust is a vital component of our business.

How do I pay for my cleaning?

You may pay by cash, check or credit card. Payment is due at time of service. If you do not intend to be at home at the time of your maid service visit you may choose to either leave cash or a check on the kitchen counter the morning of your house cleaning. If you choose to pay by credit card, we will keep your credit card information on file at the office and charge your card at the end of the month.

Are you insured and bonded?

Yes, all employees are bonded and insured. We are full coverage for breakage or damage to home or office and contents.

Do you bring the cleaning supplies and equipment?

Yes, of course! We always have our supplies to get your home clean! You can always ask to use your supplies or equipment if you prefer.

Will you send the same team each time?

Our policy is to attempt to do that, however we may have to switch team in the event of an illness, vacation or any other unexpectable situations. If we send a substitute team, you can be assured that we are sending a skilled, trained people who are always informed about your needs.

Do I have to be home when you clean?

Only if you wish to be home. Most of our clients give us a key as it is the most convenient way for them. If you don’t  wish to give us a key, we can make other arrangements for access to your home.


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